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Cara Schroeder
As a seasoned planning commissioner,
Cara cares about smart development
for both Tucker's citizens
and businesses.
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Cara Schroeder
The path forward involves connecting
all areas of our community with a
system of trails and paths.
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Cara Schroeder
While Tucker is still in its infancy,
we also have much more we can accomplish.
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Cara cares deeply about
Tucker and wants to
ensure that our city
continues to flourish.
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The City of Tucker is growing fast. We need good leadership in our local government to ensure that both our businesses and residents are well represented. Join us in helping  Cara Schroeder get elected to the Tucker City Council. Together we can continue to grow wisely. Together we can preserve the city we love while embracing our bright future.  Together we win!

Cara's Priorities

Lawrenceville Highway is a major gateway into Tucker, and as such should serve as a bright welcome into the city. I will work with business owners on ways and resources to improve the appeal of individual businesses and the Lawrenceville Highway business corridor, and help those businesses maximize their potential to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Most all residents of District 2 are keenly aware of the serious safety issues plaguing our major thoroughfares and neighborhood streets in and around Tucker. Since the start of the pandemic illegal street racing has been roaring throughout city streets and major highways, disrupting our peace and quite while posing dangerous conditions to other drivers as well as pedestrians. As your next city council member, I will ensure that this along with road conditions for public safety are addressed. 

One example of a road that needs major safety upgrades is Brockett Road. As with many of our other main thoroughfares, Brockett Road needs major improvements to ensure the safety of residents and motorist. The Tucker Downtown Development Authority is working with city council to add Brockett Road safety improvements to the transportation master plan. 

I support the proposed safety plan for Brockett Road that will include:

– Bi-directional bike lanes

– 2 right turn lanes

– 1 pedestrian signal

– Additional roadway reflectors to increase lane awareness

– Completion of sidewalk gaps for both sides of Brockett Road from Lawrenceville Hwy. to Cooledge Road

– Digital speed detectors

I will also support additional traffic calming studies as we work to improve the safety of our streets including reducing speed limits, resurfacing and restriping roads with SPLOST funds, replacement of curbs and gutters, and acquire additional right-of-way to ensure we provide residents with:

– Additional bi-directional sidewalks

– Horizontal traffic calming measures

– Bi-directional bike lanes

Our city of Tucker and District 2 continue to grow with new residents. New residents who bring more diversity to our community. Tucker has always been an inclusive community. If I am elected to the city council, I will be a representative of all constituents of District 2.

My goal is to create a nurturing atmosphere where all who choose to live or work in Tucker feel welcome and integral to the success of the city with opportunities for volunteer efforts, public involvement, and other forms of service to the community. Empowering all residents strengthens all of Tucker.

Tucker Tomorrow, developed in 2016, is an official statement of the City’s vision for its future, and expresses the Tucker community’s aspirations and goals for its future, while articulating a corresponding set of policies and recommendations to guide future decisions regarding land use, development, and capital improvements. I will focus on implementation of the city master plans for downtown development, parks, trails and transportation.

For the sake of public transparency, I am in full agreement that Tucker should continue to livestream city council meetings via the internet for the convenience of Tucker residents. Not everyone who may have an interest in our city affairs can make the time to attend all city council meetings. In many cities and counties, council meetings are carried over local cable public access channels. Without such access and with the technology we now have in place to stream meetings over the internet, I hope that Tucker will continue to offer live coverage of city council meetings on an ongoing basis.

As with most cities right now, Tucker is faced with how to balance preserving what we love about our city, while embracing our future which will always include change and growth. Without change and growth, we become extinct. The key is to grow wisely so we keep that “hometown feel” and affordability so Tucker continues to be a welcoming place for our members of our community.

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